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Career Accomplishment

Christopher Clark

As a dedicated public servant, I have a track record of spearheading initiatives and making significant contributions to enhance public safety and law enforcement capabilities in Clark County. Here are some of my notable career accomplishments:

  • Central 911 Call Center Creation (2019): I was tasked by the Clark County Commission to plan, design, build, and open a county-wide central 911 call center. This innovative project aimed to streamline emergency response by consolidating all 911 calls into a central location. By absorbing Springfield Dispatch seamlessly and negotiating dispatching contracts with Fire and EMS agencies, we eliminated the need for redundant calls. With an average call length of 2 minutes, this equated to a staggering 250 hours of wasted time trying to get resources where they needed to be or information out to our first responders. This inefficient process was transformed, resulting in the successful launch of the Clark County Combined 911 Call Center in March 2023. My dedication to enhancing the 911 call center has not only reduced response times but also eliminated significant wasted hours, ultimately improving emergency response and public safety in Clark County.

  • Creation of Clark County Special Operations Team (SOT): Recognizing the need for a dedicated tactical team, I initiated the formation of the Clark County Special Operations Team in 2018. Through training and grant funding, we assembled a highly trained and well-equipped team capable of handling a wide range of tactical situations, ensuring the safety of our community.

  • Acquisition of Excess Military Equipment: I managed the Law Enforcement Support Office (LESO) Program, which allowed us to acquire over $2 million in excess military equipment. This equipment, including night vision, medical supplies, cameras, and armored personnel carriers, greatly expanded our capabilities without burdening the Sheriff's Office budget.

  • Successful Grant Management: I applied for and secured grants, such as the Ohio Bureau of Worker's Compensation grant for $30,000 to purchase body armor for the Special Operations Team and road patrol. Additionally, I collaborated with the Clark County EMA to obtain a $98,000 Region 3 Homeland Security grant to purchase specialized tactical equipment, enhancing our ability to respond to critical incidents.

  • Focus on School Safety: With a strong commitment to school safety, I am a certified ALICE and RAIDER instructor, conducting training sessions for Clark County Schools and local businesses, equipping staff and students with the skills to respond to active killer events. I also partnered with Clark State College to offer public training sessions on active killer survival.

  • Training and Certification: My career has involved extensive training and certification. I am certified as an OPOTA firearms requalification instructor, a former Taser instructor, and hold instructor certifications in active killer survival and single officer response to an active shooter. I have also served as the Range Master for the Clark County Sheriff's Office, overseeing firearms training.

  • Experience and Education: Over my 26 years at the Clark County Sheriff's Office, I have worked diligently to rise through the ranks. Starting as a dispatcher in 1997 and becoming a Deputy in 1998, I've progressed through roles as a Detective, Sergeant, Lieutenant, and Major. This journey has given me unparalleled experience and understanding of every division within the Sheriff's Office. My dedication to education, risk management, and law enforcement best practices has been a driving force throughout my career.I have always worked with a vision of service and innovation, continuously striving to enhance public safety and law enforcement capabilities in our community. My dedication and experience are qualities that set me apart, ensuring a commitment to the well-being and security of Clark County.

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