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Campaign News

My campaign is gaining momentum and making strides towards creating a safer and more secure community for all. Click on any of the photos in our news section to read related articles and stay up to date on our progress. We are committed to keeping you informed and involved in our campaign.


Clark County 2024 Election

"He said the county is ready for a sheriff just as motivated as Springfield Police Chief Allison Elliott, and he will provide this."


Chiefs will lead South Charleston Heritage Days parade

“This is home. I was born and raised here. I couldn’t imagine working or living anywhere else. I couldn’t imagine a life of not giving back to this community. This community made me what I am today.” Clark Said


Ex-Major Announces Bid for Sheriff

Chris Clark, who headed the efforts to launch the new combined 911 dispatch center that opened this year, declared his candidacy in a Facebook post. He said he will run as a Republican, meaning he will face off against the current sheriff, Deb Burchett — who said she plans to run for re-election — in the primary election next year.


Clark County opens new 911 Communications Center

“We have a system that’s in place that’s capable of accepting text to 911 and video to 911,” Mjr. Christopher Clark, the 911 Communications Director for the Clark County Sheriff’s Office, said. “That’s actually one of the things that’s projected that we’ll have up and running ahead of the next generation requirements.”

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