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My platform is built on the principles of respect, accountability, leadership and transparency.  As Clark County Sheriff, I will always listen to the concerns and opinions of our citizens and employees, and I will work tirelessly to restore relationships between Clark County Agencies and local law enforcement to assure better protection of our citizens.  I believe that policing should be community-driven, and I will work to implement programs that promote trust and cooperation between officers and residents.  Additionally, I will ensure that all officers receive training, above minimum standards, and that they are held to a higher standard. Together, we can create a safer, more efficient and more equitable Clark County for all residents.

Re-establish positive relationships with outside agencies!

As Clark County Sheriff, I would be fully committed to collaborating with neighboring and local agencies for the betterment of law enforcement in the area.  Criminals don't abide by jurisdictional lines and without a good healthy relationship with our neighbors, enforcement is very difficult.   It's time for Clark County to address law enforcement collaboratively instead of singularly


Correct long-standing, unaddressed staffing issues! 

As a candidate for Clark County Sheriff, I am committed to addressing staffing issues within the department to ensure the safety of both our community and our officers.  Staffing on the road patrol is down 23%, since the current administration took office, thus creating less police protection for Clark County Citizens.  I will immediately, upon taking office, do away with the $20 application fee Sheriff Burchett charges to apply to the office and return staffing to appropriate levels.  


Focus on drug interdiction and violent Crime!

Though out my career at the Clark County Sheriff's Office, I witnessed firsthand the narcotic problem in this area be the driving force behind the violent crime we are witnessing.  Sheriff Burchett's response to this is one of apathy as there has not been any focused, direct narcotic enforcement from Clark County for over a year.  Currently there are two Deputies assigned to narcotics enforcement with the Bulk Cash Task Force, which operates primary in Montgomery County.  Instead of sending Clark County personnel and subsequently tax dollars to Montgomery County to conduct narcotics enforcement, I will focus on collaborative narcotics enforcement WITHIN Clark County.


Create a robust training platform for staff! 

As your next Clark County Sheriff, I pledge to make training a key focus of our department. We will invest in the most up-to-date training techniques and technologies to ensure that our officers are fully prepared to serve and protect our communities. No officer will be sent into the field without the proper training and support necessary for success.  Training our next generation of leaders is crucial to the continued success of Clark County Law Enforcement.   

Develop positive leadership within the office!

As a candidate for Clark County Sheriff, I am committed to creating a culture of positive change and leadership. All too often we fail to recognize and develop young leaders within our agency.  I believe that great leaders inspire their teams to achieve more than they ever thought possible, and I am dedicated to doing just that.


Communicate and interact with the community!

I strongly believe in the power of effective communication and collaboration. As a candidate for Clark County Sheriff, I am committed to not only working with stakeholders in our community but also directly with community members themselves. Open communication is key to building trust, addressing concerns, and finding solutions to the challenges we face.

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